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The State Cup Competitions consist of two Cups. Each team will play a minimum of three games in "Group Play" and then the winners will advance to the quarter finals, a single elimination round.  The Cups are:

  •  The US Youth Soccer Eastern NY State Championships.  The winners (U12-U19) of this tournament go on to compete at the Regional competition and eventually the U13 to U19 to the US Youth Soccer National Championships.  Approximately 10,000 teams participate nationally on a State level, with 926 teams participating at the Regional level and 60 teams competing at the National Championships.  Entry fee for the tournament is $275, which includes all fees if your team advances to the Region I Championships and Nationals.
  •  The Arch Capital Group Challenge Cup provides an opportunity for the lower divisions teams to compete at a state level in this tournament.  U10 (8v8) and U11 (8v8) and U12 registration opens June 3, 2013 All other divisions registration is open for Spring play 2014.  Entry fee is $165.      
  • Note: Divisions of play in the current Fall Season shall determine eligibility for the U13- U16. Leagues having five (5) or more divisions in the age bracket, first and second division teams are not eligible.  Leagues having at least two (2) but less than five (5) divisions in the age bracket, first division teams are not eligible. Leagues having only one (1) division in the age bracket, may determine that teams finishing in the bottom half of their league play, may be eligible for the Arch Capital Cup. New teams may enter the Arch Capital Cup provided that their current or proposed division (ie: Fall or Spring) meets the above guidelines. A team is considered a new team only when less than nine (9) players were rostered to the previous year’s team.

If you do not have an account in the State Cup system you need to create an account.  You will be prompted for contact initially, then you must "Add Team" to your account.  Lastly, select the blue "register" button next to your teams name and select the correct competition you want to enter.  

Please contact the ENYYSA Office with any questions 888-5-ENYYSA (369972)

 How Does The Group Play Work? 

The first 32 team’s registered are guaranteed acceptance into the Eastern New York State Cup, for “Group Play”.   However, additional teams registered, after 32 teams per age division, will automatically be placed on a wait list.   The Eastern New York Cup Committee (ENY Cup Committee) has the discretion to add additional “Groups” based on the number of teams on the wait list.  If “Groups” are not feasible for wait list teams, your registration fee is fully refunded.  The U19 age group is a single elimination tournament.

Each “Team” plays 3 games minimum.  In the event that there are an odd number of teams, Eastern New York Cup Committee (ENY Cup Committee) will determine “Group” play utilizing crossover games or may increase / decrease the number of teams allowed in select groups.   ENY Cup Committee reserves the right to adjust the schedules based on registrations per age divisions.   For example, the small sided U12 play in the US Youth Soccer / ENY Championship Cup is usually, not well registered.  If 7 teams register, ENY Cup Committee will advance the teams to the quarter finals, which is single elimination.

All games are assigned points based on game outcome:

·        Win = 3 Points

·        Loss = O Points

A forfeit is 3 points for the winner and any team that forfeits may not move onto the quarter finals.

The “Group Standings” will reflect the points achieved for each team.

The “Cup Draw” for “Group Play” is public, via a webinar.   The quarter finalists from the prior year are seeded, when possible. 

Group Play

All games are played to a decision.  At the conclusion of ‘Group Play”, the 8 “Group Play” winners, per age group, advance to the single elimination play in the quarter finals.  If the number of “Groups” exceed 8, the Group winners with the lowest point value will play an additionally round.  If the divisions have less than 8 “Groups”, the Group winners will advance and additional teams are selected based on highest total points accumulated.   In the event that there is a tie between teams, the winner is determined in order, as follows;

1.      Winner based on head to head competition

2.     Goal differential - (Maximum 4 goals/game

         Examples: 15-0 = 4-0 (+4)

         8-1 = 5-1 (+4)

        2-4 = 2-4 (-2)

3.     Least goals allowed

4.     Shut Out = 1 Point

5.     If the teams are still tied, then a single match elimination game will be played. The home team will be decided on a coin flip. 

Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals are a single elimination tournament.